Don’t Settle for the Guru Effect / Motivation Tips from Peter Shallard

Came across a new blog today.  Peter Shallard writes some very interesting posts.

Take for example this article on what Peter calls The Guru Effect.

I love the line “The tiny percentage of ultra achievers – the Oprahs, Bransons, Hsieh and Jobs of the world don’t publish how-to guides. They publish autobiographies.”

I myself am no overachiever and have no credibility.  Yet.  But I do plan to achieve both personal and business success.  And then I plan to write about it; make videos about it; make money from it because I’ve already made money from it.

But this post made me question why that’s my plan.  It seems like easy money.  And it could get my name out, which in turn would drive even more business to my hypothetically-already-successful company.  Its a win-win.  But then what?  Then I can relax knowing that I’ve built a little empire for myself that at this point will just bring in more and more cash passively?  At this point I can just stop working?  Stop creating?  Stop thinking?

No.  I thought that my business plans (vague as they may be) were ambitious and would bring me great things.  I still think they can bring me a bunch of money, sure.  But after reading this article, I don’t know if I consider cash to be “great things”.  As Peter says in the post, “When you take the easy, comfortable road and rest on your laurels, everyone loses.”  You lose because you’re no longer challenging yourself.  The world loses because it misses out on all the greatness you could have offered it.


I should probably try this.  (How to force yourself to succeed without using willpower)

I most definitely ask myself all the ways I can fail or all the ways the task at hand will be no fun.  And it totally prevents me from doing the task.  Ridiculous.  I need to take control of my thoughts and stop sabotaging myself!  It’s actually really good timing that I read this today, as I’m starting a new workout regimen today that I plan to maintain for 30 days.  I’ll try reshaping my thoughts and see if it helps motivate me. 🙂


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