I started playing piano again

I watched the 2009 movie “Fame” the other day with two of my friends.  The storyline and acting quality were as expected.  But it was filled with intermittent segments of great talent.  I was especially inspired by the girl who was a classical pianist turned [incredible!] singer.

Watching that movie combined with my increasing awareness of my lack of hobbies and talents as of late – (I used to play music and sports and have actual interests and, dare I say, passions, but the last few years have been sort of blah-zé) – inspired me to play piano again.

So after scouring the internet for over an hour trying to find “that piano song Ephram played in Everwood season 1”, I finally found it.  I was just about to give up when I made a last attempt, making a random guess as to the composer, and searched YouTube for “Everwood Bach” and voila!

Anyway, the song is the Prelude No. 1 in C Major, and I think its really quite pretty.  So I learned it in a day and after many, many attempts (I would estimate between 40-60, lol) at playing it through sans mistakes (what’s with me and French words in this post?) I finally was successful at my recording.

And I thought it would be the perfect thing to share on this blog.  So here you go!


2 thoughts on “I started playing piano again

    1. Thank you, thank you! This is actually a pretty simple song (relatively) – it might be a good one to learn for someone who wants to start playing! I’d say try it!

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