NIMMD (Pretty Little Liars Recap, part 2)

Note:  If you are not caught up with the latest episodes of Pretty Little Liars, you might want to bookmark this post for later.

We left off with Mona giving us some crazy code, Hanna looking guilty, and a new girl, CeCe.

Tonight’s episode is “Stolen Kisses”.

Here’s what happened:

  • The liars try and figure out the password for Maya’s (or ‘A”s?) site.
  • Emily goes up to some boat house thing with Nate and they have a heart to heart.  (Surprise, surprise.)
  • Aria suddenly and unexpectedly meets Ezra’s mom!  (And she was ridiculously composed and confident.  I would be freaking out if I met my older/previously illegal boyfriend’s mom for the first time.  Especially to find her wearing diamonds and Chanel.  And I’m 6 years older than Aria!)
  • Ezra’s real last name is Fitzgerald.  And his family is loaded.
  • Spencer and Toby get into a semi-fight about her lack of sharing info with him, and the resulting lie he had to tell the police the other night.
  • Emily meets up with Paige to explain the drugs in her flask of alcohol that Paige ended up drinking.
  • Hanna meets with Wren who tells her that Mona is going to be moved to a facility in New York.  Caleb sees them talking together.  (SighFacePalmRollsEyes.)
  • Spencer enlists the help of computer-savvy Caleb to break into Maya’s site.  (Btw, Caleb is livin’ large after a visit with his mom in California.  Fancy cars and $400 sweaters for you!)
  • Paige admits that on the night that Emily was drugged and ended up at Ali’s grave, she had been over to Paige’s house, and they had kissed.  Paige feels guilty and Emily is like wtf I still can’t remember anything.  She has some thinking to do.
  • Spencer and Aria snoop Spencer’s mom’s court papers and get the deets on Maya’s death.  They conclude that Garrett could still be her murderer despite the blood on the anklet not being his.  Aria leaves and goes to talk to one of the witnesses listed in the papers: its some guy who works at a movie theatre who says he saw Maya get into Garrett’s car the night she was killed.
  • Spencer flirts with Caleb while they do sneaky computer things.  (I do not like this.  I don’t care if you now have $400 sweaters in common.  You do not belong together.  Take your hand off his arm.  I saw that.)
  • They break into the site and see a huge collection of videos of Maya talking to the camera, saying weird/random/Maya things.  They decide the site was indeed really Maya’s.
  • Aria and Ezra attend a fancy gallery party to hang out with his mom.  Apparently Ezra’s family is super loaded.  Aria is suspicious as to why Ezra has been strapped for cash, but after spending a few rudely invasive moments with his mom, realizes that she’s awful and that Ezra has basically cut himself off from his family, and rightly so.
  • Emily and creepy Nate unintentionally (coincidentally?) meet at the boathouse again.  At night.  In the dark.  More heart to hearts as per uje.  She concludes from their less-than-insightful conversation that although she was drunk and drugged the night she kissed Paige, it was still her, and therefore it means she really wanted to kiss Paige.
  • Hanna talks with the hospital board and convinces them to let Mona stay there.  Outside the meeting, she kisses Wren out of excitement.  (No.  Bad.  Dislike.)
  • Emily goes over to Paige’s house and once again suggests they give it a shot.  They swim topless in the pool.
  • The liars (sans Emily) watch more Maya videos.  In one, Maya says, “I have to face my fears.  I can’t hide forever.”  The liars try to call Emily to join them but she’s busy synchronized swimming with Paige.
  • Last scene is a bank teller counting out major dough for ‘A’.

What I think:

Still don’t trust Nate.  Not sure what his deal is, but for all I know, he’s not even Maya’s cousin.  I don’t think he’s necessarily part of the A-team though.  Maybe Maya’s stalker from before?

It was cool to see Ezra’s mom and learn more about his family.  I hope they continue a bit with that storyline.  Also curious about his money situation.

Poor Toby – always out of the loop.  Hopefully he and Spencer can hang on and she doesn’t end up wit Caleb.  And hopefully Caleb and Hanna can reunite without sneaky Wren getting in the picture.

I don’t really care whether Emily dates Paige.  I’ve never been that fond of Paige, but I at least trust that she’s not on the A-team, so that’s refreshing.

Caleb again saves the day by breaking into Maya’s site.  (See, Hanna?  You have to keep him around!)

Interesting plot twist that Emily had visited Paige that night!

I also liked that the girls got some info from Spence’s mom’s court papers.

Too bad Ezra’s mom turned out to be a lame-o.  Especially since Aria was kind of in her element at the fancy gallery party and isn’t the trash Mommy thinks she is.  Too bad – they all could have been friends.  And rich.

I’m excited to see the other Maya videos!  I wonder if it will turn out that she had anything to do with the Ian/Jason videos from earlier seasons.  She has some with Emily in them, and it seems eerily like the others.  (Except Emily obviously knew she was being filmed in Maya’s.  So far, anyway.)

In the video where Maya is scared, it looks as though she’s at the boat house.  Just before the video gets cut off, some red lights flash against her.  Could it be police officer Garrett coming to see her?

I wonder where ‘A’ is getting all this money.  And more importantly, I wonder why the bank teller doesn’t find it at all odd that she’s giving out 100’s of 1000’s of dollars to a [probably] teenager in a hoodie.

What did you guys think of this episode?  And what do you think of all this cross-couple flirting?


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