Yes!  After I wrote yesterday’s post I went on a hunt for the book.  And found it!  Score 1 for my mom for saving all my school things.  ❤

Wtf is Taco Pocket?
Ok let’s go on.
Love the teacher’s note at the bottom: “Sorry – Alison was out of the room!”
Most kids also drew pictures on the backs of the letters. (Note: as the label says, this is clearly a picture of pizza.)
Picture of me being awesome.
Hopefully not a picture of me being awesome.
Me killing it on the monkey bars.

Some classic lines:

  • “I’m almost 9 but you’re 8.”
  • “I like turquoise and blue.  You just like blue.”
  • “I don’t like pizza.  It makes me have a stomach ache and I throw up.”
  • “What is your favorite money?  5, 10, 15, 20, who cares?  My favorite money is 20 dollars.”



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