Some of you may know, and probably most of you don’t know, that I write music.

I started tinkering around on piano as a baby (yes, that counts), played flute in 6th-10th grades, did marching band one year, took cello lessons for 3 years, got a guitar and tinkered around from age 16 onward, took 4 drum lessons in college, and decided that performance wasn’t for me.  I’m much more of a behind-the-scenes girl.

I had composed little things here and there on piano as a child, and tediously wrote a few songs out in notation (sheet music) but left the majority to be forgotten.  Then in high school I started messing around in Garage Band (that Mac program), and then my friend Heath introduced me to a fancier and more advanced program called Reason, which is what I’ve been using ever since.

In summary: I compose music via a computer program that uses virtual instruments.  I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years, I’d say.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I have just launched a website for myself that will serve as my online portfolio!  Wahoo!

Here it is!

I thought about becoming a jingle writer (like for commercials), then an opera composer (lawl way too ambitious), and finally settled on film scoring.  Film scoring is awesome because it combines music and moving picture, and I find that I get way more inspired when I have a visual to write to.  I love making the scenes come alive with some dramatic music!

So now this is something that I do as like a side job.  But up until now I hadn’t really marketing myself.  So finally, thanks to my new-found interest in web design, I made myself a real website!  And I thought I’d share it with all my blog friends.  Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.


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