Just be glad to be here

Just be glad to be here

As I usually do while shopping online, I listened to Pandora radio tonight. One of my favorite stations is Buddha Bar, and a song that often plays is called Hayling and it’s by FC Kahuna.

I’ve heard this song many times but tonight the words struck me as more than just words, but actually something of meaning:

Don’t think about all those things you feel

Just be glad to be here

If you’re stressed out right now about money, or about that person who’s under-appreciating you, or about family drama, or your messy house, or whatever else it may be — stop thinking about it for awhile, and just be glad to be here. Be glad to be alive.

Remember what Carl Sagan said and reprioritize those things which are bringing you stress.

Tomorrow is another day. You can think about your stuff then.

Or you can listen to this song again.