About BGS

Brianna Gets Smart is where I post all the fascinating things I learn each day.  They may be from articles or blogs I read online, books I’m reading, videos I’ve watched, or life experiences.

Some topics that particularly interest me right now are:

  • personal development
  • business
  • health
  • fitness
  • Christianity
  • dog behavior and psychology
  • travel and potential new homes for myself
  • lifestyle design, location independence, digital-nomadism
  • DIY – crafts, fashion, upcycling
  • the human brain, psychology

Have a look around and see what you think!


3 thoughts on “About BGS

  1. hi. i heard the same Joyce meyer teaching on the radio late last night (worry anxiety, cast your cares etc). I like your summation of her message. To get staright to the point however… you mention the catch 22 around having faith vs being irresponsible, you also point out a further pertinent point concerning reasoning which is indeed a powerful life tool. in fact there are christian teachers like ravi zacharias (rzim.org) who agreesively promote thought and reason, and the bible does also as Paul the apostle, Jesus, Solomon, Daniel and Joseph where all advanced thinkers , reasoners, philophers and learned, as was abraham the patriarch who origniated from the extremely intelligent culture khown as Ur of the Chaldeans. I have a thought on all this. I think it is not an either or situation, as in reason or trust, take one or the other. I think its about being properly plumbed into the spirit of God so your reasoning is somehow encompassed within and over-arching spiritual presnce of faith. Can i conclude by mentioning an interesting verse in proverbs. “many are the plans of a mans heart, but the lord directs his steps”. look carefully at this proverb to detect its depth! let me illustrate… if i have many plans in my heart – thoughts – reasonings – motives etc, then surely those would be the basis of the steps i take in life??? yet the proverb says otherwise! How is it that regardless of my many inner plans and reasonings, i do not direct my own steps? The answer to this riddle, is in the nature of God. God is the constructer of time itself and does not exist within its confines . This proverb gives us an illuminatung insight into the expanse and capability of God, which is multitudes above our own comphrehension levels. Whilst we think and reason and take many self directed intitiatives, it is the understanding that we are actually encompassed within the powerful love of an ever present God, that is the foundation of having faith. Hence faith is an attitude that can easily coexist with reasoning, because it transcends reasoning and cloaks its in warm energy. I hope my contribution s of interest to you , and I like your way of writing and thinking. dougm@agito.ac.nz

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