DIY Refashioned 90’s Blouse

I have a project to share!

My mom and I are frequent crafters (she more than I).  We are also frequent Goodwill shoppers (our store has a 25 cent day every week so we stock up on tops to cut up and make into things.  I’ll post a link to her Etsy shop once she get her stuff online!)

I found this great navy top and, yes, it only cost 25 cents!

It had short sleeves and shoulder pads, buttons down the front, and a banded elastic waist, with a loose fit throughout the midsection.

As soon as I saw it, I thought it had potential, so I tried it on and we schemed that it could work to be made into a sleeveless top.  I had a vague idea which we ended up changing as we went, into something I liked better and found more flattering.  The whole project took probably 30 minutes (including planning it out!)


Here is the original shirt:


Step 1: Take out shoulder pads & cut off sleeves.  I left a bit of the sleeve beyond the hem because the original plan was to hem that bit under, and make thin straps by gathering the shoulder areas inward a bit.


But I didn’t want to make them thinner so we left them wide.  But the shirt looked kind of like a biker’s cutoff tee shirt (hah.  ew.) so…


Step 2: Cut off the corner and resew the seam, making a little upside-down v shape…


…and a nice rounded fit over the shoulder.


And we liked it like that, so then we just had to take in the side seams to make it not two sizes too big for me.  Here is the final result!


I couldn’t decide whether I liked it buttoned all the way or open.  I guess one is a look for fall and one is for summer!  I think it looks perfect with white jeans and unbuttoned for summer.

What do you think?