Cars are meant to be driven

Cars are meant to be driven

A few years ago, a friend of mine was moving across country. She was planning to drive — all the way from Iowa to California — so that she’d have her car out there for her new job.

“That’s a lot of miles to put on your car, though,” I said, doing my best impression of a rational adult.


“Are you sure you want to do that?”

“Well, cars are meant to be driven.”

This concept blew my mind. “You’re right,” I said. “You should totally drive.”

I have this tendency in my life to save things. I wear my crummiest clothes around the house and out running errands while I save my newer, trendy, I-actually-feel-good-in-this clothes for “going out” or “seeing people”.

Going out and seeing people are things I rarely do. So most of my life is spent in clothes that aren’t that great. Meanwhile my more interesting clothes eventually go out of style having hardly gotten any wear.

My family and I tend to save the tastiest food for each other — everyone’s afraid to take the last piece of cake for themselves. But what happens when we all do that is that the cake eventually goes moldy and has to be thrown out.

I rarely burn candles because I want to save them to have, since I enjoy burning candles so much.

Just as cars are meant to be driven, clothes are meant to be worn, food is meant to be eaten, and candles are meant to be burned.

I just thought of another example: last night I was KonMari-ing my beauty products and as I was sorting through my nail polish collection I realized 1) how many I have, 2) how incredibly old some of them are, and 3) how 6 days out of 7 I sport chipped nail polish because I feel like redoing it more frequently would be wasteful and that I’d go through nail polish too frivolously.

The cheapskate’s dilemma

I do think my frugality plays a massive role here. The more I use something, the more I’ll have to buy to replace it. The more I wear my cute clothes around the house, the more they’ll get washed and worn and become pilled, and have to be replaced.

But also, what if that outfit would have been perfect for a hypothetical event that likely will never exist, but by then I’ll have ruined it by spilling the juice I don’t drink on it? Then what? Then I’ll really be sorry.

There’s a great video by Youtuber and ex-image-consultant Mimi Ikonn where she addresses the tendency to save clothes.

You can skip ahead to 1:54 for the part most relevant to this post, but you have the 6.5 minutes, so just watch the whole thing.

Mimi says:

What I realized is that you can’t keep these clothes for “special occasions” because every single day is that special occasion. Every day you’re alive you should be presenting your best self to the world and the world in return rewards you with new opportunities, a better mood, and just a better energy overall.

Life is meant to be lived

I didn’t intend for this post to go the direction of clothes and products, but I guess I didn’t have a specific direction in mind.

I think my point is, don’t be afraid of living your life. Dress well today; burn that candle you love today. If you fill your life and your space with things that spark joy, you might as well actually let yourself enjoy them.


What’s something you’ve been saving?


Thrift Store Haul and Fabulous Finds!

Today my mom and I went crazy.

We went to literally every second-hand shop in town (minus Goodwill, because we went there yesterday, lol.)

We bought a few things at a few places but I’ll just mention the highlights.

There is one second hand store that I often have mixed feelings about.  This place is not in the best shape.  It has the ambiance of a neglected garage.  But my mom sometimes finds things there that she can use to make jewelry, so we decided to go.

And today, we found some of the best stuff ever!  On a table outside, was this snowman cookie jar.  Now, my mom has a snowman collection and every Christmas our house is just filled with them.  And I am normally not one to encourage her to buy anymore.  BUT!  I literally think that this snowman is the cutest thing I have ever seen.


But we were torn as to whether or not we should get him.  So I was like, “Let’s go inside and see how much it is, and then we’ll decide.”  So guess how much it cost?


Can you believe it?!  Total steal.  Then we went inside and picked up a few more things, including:

A 1.5 inch curling iron.  I wanted 2″ so as to make those really big, sexy, loose curls.  But I figure 1.5 will do just fine!  (I had been looking for awhile on eBay and they cost upwards of $10.)

Next is this (new with tags!  retails for $36!) button down shirt that I got for my friend Heath.  It didn’t come across in the photo but the color is really pretty and I think it will look great on him.

Also for Heath was this bluetooth keyboard with iPad stand.  This cost me a whopping $1 as well!  We later looked it up on eBay and including shipping it would cost $67!  Best deal ever!

(The blue thing behind it is the foldable case which turns into the stand to prop up the iPad!  (And yes, it works!)

Then for me I bought this floral print table cloth, but it’s huge and so my mom came up with the idea that I could cut it down the center and make two window curtain panels!  Yes!  (It matches my green/tree themed decor!)

And lastly I bought these bright emerald green skinny jeans (brighter and greener than they look in the picture.)  I haven’t tried them on yet but if they don’t fit I’ll just sell them on eBay because they look pretty new!

While I was in this store and finding all this great stuff, I had the thought “I am so lucky today!” which is funny because the name of the store is My Lucky Day.  Hahaha.

This was by far the most successful shopping day I have ever had.  So pleased.  So, so pleased.

Grand total for the things mentioned above: $8.

So is that snowman the cutest thing you have ever seen or what? 😉

DIY Refashioned 90’s Blouse

I have a project to share!

My mom and I are frequent crafters (she more than I).  We are also frequent Goodwill shoppers (our store has a 25 cent day every week so we stock up on tops to cut up and make into things.  I’ll post a link to her Etsy shop once she get her stuff online!)

I found this great navy top and, yes, it only cost 25 cents!

It had short sleeves and shoulder pads, buttons down the front, and a banded elastic waist, with a loose fit throughout the midsection.

As soon as I saw it, I thought it had potential, so I tried it on and we schemed that it could work to be made into a sleeveless top.  I had a vague idea which we ended up changing as we went, into something I liked better and found more flattering.  The whole project took probably 30 minutes (including planning it out!)


Here is the original shirt:


Step 1: Take out shoulder pads & cut off sleeves.  I left a bit of the sleeve beyond the hem because the original plan was to hem that bit under, and make thin straps by gathering the shoulder areas inward a bit.


But I didn’t want to make them thinner so we left them wide.  But the shirt looked kind of like a biker’s cutoff tee shirt (hah.  ew.) so…


Step 2: Cut off the corner and resew the seam, making a little upside-down v shape…


…and a nice rounded fit over the shoulder.


And we liked it like that, so then we just had to take in the side seams to make it not two sizes too big for me.  Here is the final result!


I couldn’t decide whether I liked it buttoned all the way or open.  I guess one is a look for fall and one is for summer!  I think it looks perfect with white jeans and unbuttoned for summer.

What do you think?