LOL, blast from the past (videos)

Something reminded me of these videos my classmates and I made a few years back, so I looked them up on YouTube, and just had to share them.

These were made during one of our Creative Film Making classes in college.  The assignment was to film a “happening” – which from what I remember, is basically like a weird public performance thing that fools people (well we chose to have ours fool people).  We did a hypnosis, and a celebrity sighting.

So I think it was 11 of us, who piled into cars one Saturday and drove an hour north to Iowa City (our town is smaller and full of weird people already, not to mention people who would recognize us), so we figured the nearby college town would be the perfect setting.

We got to use the fancy camera equipment from our school’s Media department, had a few days to plan out the project, and edited it in the lab using Final Cut Pro.  Here it is, for your viewing pleasure.  (Note: I have a small role in this as “Gregory”‘s fiancee.)

We got the idea for this project from this video.  And like in that video, our pair who was made to fall in love and kiss was actually a real couple (whereas “Gregory” and I were just classmates :))


For the second happening, one Lady Gaga-obsessed classmate became Lady Susu, the latest pop sensation from France.  (I absolutely love Jared as her “euro-looking” entourage.)  I played the role of obsessed fan #2.  (Lawl.)

I hope you enjoyed these!  Its crazy to think this was two years ago!!  But it was so much fun scheming something crazy and then following it to fruition with a group of friends.  I would definitely recommend it!

Have you ever done anything like this?


25 Things you didn’t know have names

Head on over here and see how many of these things you call “things”.

I personally already knew the first one.  I learned it literally a week ago, from White Space is Not Your Enemy.

…And that’s all I knew.

Its interesting to think how certain people would know some of these, depending on their profession.  For example, a manicurist probably knows the second one.  A carpenter might know number 6.  A shoe salesman might know number 12, and maybe 25.

I myself am no stranger to number 20 – although I had no idea it had a name.

Which ones did you already know?