Last night I posted that I had found a blog post that I really related to.  I didn’t share it at the time because I felt like it would be sharing too much, since it describes with tremendous accuracy how I have been feeling and some possible analysis of it.  But now I feel like, why not share it?

So here it is.


Things About Asia (Thailand and China)

Interestingly enough, I came across a few Asia-related things all in the same day or two.


Heath and I are thinking of going to Thailand.  We’d be there for at least a month, maybe more like 3 if we like it.  My biggest concern is that it will be hot and humid.  And I kind of hate hot, humid weather.  Like, a lot.  (I’ve spoken with multiple friends who have gone and they haven’t been able to convince me otherwise.  So if anyone reading this can, please feel free to chime in, as I really would like to go.)

Anyway, I took interest in this post by Cody McKibben.

Which led me to this – always good stuff to know beforehand.

I’ll also share this guy‘s videos, which I find hilarious and packed with real info.


My new friend over at HealthyFrenchie directed me to this informative and humorous article.

And @IrishPolyglot also posted this incredible video the other day, proving his insane language learning progress.  Seriously.  You have to check this guy out.

Have any of you been to Thailand and have any tips for me?